The world is waiting for you!

The "Internationaler Dienstag" department is basically the main crew behind the events that take place on Tuesdays at Humboldt-House, which means they're the members that take responsibility for planning and implementing the events and also making sure that Humboldt-House stays in tip-top-shape after each event.

The "International Tuesday" is a weekly event where you can get in contact with many students from numerous countries in a nice and easy-going atmosphere. You can play games and spend a beautiful evening together. Inexpensive warm and cold beverages are also available here.

When and where does it take place?

Every Tuesday from 8 pm till midnight

in Humboldt-Haus, Pontstraße 41

...related to the "Internationaler Dienstag", we offer you a special program:

You can receive the current information about upcoming events simply check our Event calendar.

The INCAS team and Aachen's international community cannot wait to meet you! See you next Tuesday!


Country Nights

You are very welcome to give a presentation about your country. You can choose the topics you want to talk about, no matter whether it is cultural information, geographical aspects, the economy, your national sport, an interesting movie, a dance or some of each! Of course we will also support you during the preparation in case you need any help from us. The language used should be either English or German. Share with us impressions from your country!


In summer, when the weather is good, we often organize barbecues. The INCAS team prepares different salads, bread and snacks for free. You can bring your favourite meat or sausages. Join our barbecue every Tuesday at 8 pm.

Music Night

Can you sing or play an instrument? Do you play in a band? We are excited to hear your voice and your music.

Special Celebrations

How do people celebrate Easter and Christmas in Germany? Join us in our events to celebrate together so that you learn about special German or local traditions. We will paint easter eggs, cook traditional German food together, bake cake, or sing typical Christmas songs. And much more. Just come and let us surprise you!

You have your own idea?

Do you have further ideas or questions regarding our "International Tuesday"? Just contact us.

We are looking forward to hearing from you,
your INCAS Team