Our team consists of the following work groups:


Two students of our team are responsible for the leadership of INCAS. They overview all activities, lead the weekly team meeting and they are the contact person for the group leaders. Furthermore, they represent INCAS outwards.

International Tuesday and Café Lingua

This work group is responsible for the organization and the execution of our weekly Tuesday Evening. It prepares the country evenings and special activities, i.e. Pub Quiz, music evenings and barbecues. Furthermore, this group organizes the monthly Café Lingua, which takes place every second Tuesday each month. Café Lingua is a language Café, where we offer at least for four different language tables, where people can sit together and improve their language skills.

International Weekend

Once a month we organize a day trip to a destination in Germany or to the neighboring countries. The work group "International Weekend" is responsible for finding ideas, planning, organizing and accompanying the participants during the day of the trip. An extensive preparation and follow-up of each excursion needs to be provided by the team, i.e. the organization of the program for the whole day, the advertisement, the registration process, the financial calculation and later the evaluation of the trip. International guests, interesting cities and a varying program make every excursion a special experience.

Accommodation Search and Service hours

Searching for an accommodation in a new city and being confronted with the problem not to master the language is a big challenge for every international student. The work group Apartment Search is always on hand with help and advice. On the other hand, "Service Hours" are offered several times a week. During these hours feel free to come to our office in Humboldt-Haus and tell us your questions concerning hiring contracts, university issues, or other student problems. Our "Service Hours" take place in several languages.

Language Exchange

You might know this problem: You are visiting one language course after the other, but you are not able to hold talks yet. As a result, INCAS team decided to establish a database, where we collect information about the people who are interested in doing a tandem and we bring them together. The work group "Language exchange" is also open to give you hints how to organise a tandem effectively and at the same time with a lot of fun. Afterwards, it is your turn: You meet your tandem partner wherever you want and how often you want- with a little luck you will find a new friend, improve your target language and learn more about the cultural background of your tandem partner.

International Breakfast

Each last Sunday of the month we prepare for you an international breakfast in Humboldt-Haus. The work group International Breakfast is responsible for the preparation, organisation and the registration process. Shopping, cutting vegetables and fruits as well as brewing coffee belong also to their responsibilities like having a lot of fun and a nice morning with guests from all around the world.

Public Relations

To keep you up to date about the events INCAS is organizing for you and to get in touch with new students there is one responsible for public relations.
The work includes the maintenance of the website, facebook page, designing flyers and all other that is related to the public appearance of INCAS.

Incas Active

Beside our regular program, we always try to offer some special activities for our guests. Therefore, we go together to the climbing forest, do ice-skating or play soccer together. INCAS Active cares about the ideas, organization and enrollment of the activities. Here you are always free to tell us your ideas and suggestions for the next event and organize it with us.